About Us

Bulteks Ltd Şti. It was founded in 1993 by Ahmet Cevat Buldanlıoğlu. In the previous years, the company, which is a subsidiary company, was producing with domestic semi-automatic looms and only had a customer portfolio in the Turkish market.

Chief Designer

Today, our company has become capable of producing all sizes and types of products related to towels and bathrobes with registered brands of Bulteks and Mulia. We serve our customers on domestic and foreign markets with our own brands. In recent years, Bulteks has started to participate in foreign fairs by aiming to in-crease export volume. Last year, Heimtextil was first attended to 2017 and our company had new partners from Europe.

Fashion Designer

In 1996, machine tool investment was started with the purchase of dobby automatic looms. The investment of automatic looms with Jacquard was realized in 2002. In addition to weaving looms, embroidery machines and ap-parel machines have been added, and the company has reached the present day with modern equipments.
Our goal is to innovate in towel and bathrobe for visual and usage purposes, aiming to be a company that keeps on purchasing new machines with new technologies and follows technology.

Visual Artist

Bulteks started to produce its own energy with solar panels in order to not pollute the nature, and it started to show its sensitivity to global warming in 2017.
Bulteks Ltd Şti continues to be a family organization and has now passed on to the third generation. It is one of the rarely employed companies in Denizli 's Buldan district.

Best Regards;
Bulteks Family